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  • Rev Fr Dr S Arokya Swamy SJ


    St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur

    Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought

    We need enlightened minds to create a just society. To create a just society, we need individuals who are competent and compassionate besides being men and women of sound character. To create such individuals, the education that is imparted needs to be research oriented where insight is valued and perspectives are respected. We at St. Xavier’s College firmly believe in not only providing a solid platform for research but also creating an ethos of research that will ignite young minds and kindle not only love for learning but for well researched facts, sound knowledge, scientific pursuit along with humane values that are prerequisites for a holistic and multi-faceted individual to blossom to its fullest who in turn would contribute valuably in the creation of a better tomorrow.

    I congratulate Xavier’s Research and Publication Cell (XRPC) for its initiative to take research at Xavier’s a step further and working towards making it more relevant and methodical. I also wish them the very best in all their research oriented efforts that will fuel more research and help in further illuminating inquisitive minds that enter the portals of this great institution.

    Best of Luck and God bless you!

  • Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo SJ


    St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur

    Concepts and conceptualizations remain central and foundational to any system as well as to our understanding of knowledge. Concepts serve as the carrier of meanings, ideas, values, judgements, dissent and more importantly force and commitment. Research has been an ongoing process in order to retain the value of concept and our mental rapier on cutting edge. As a scholastic institution, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur endeavours to promote research and academic innovations. Research practices augment the understanding of reality, help in discovering the prevalent needs, exploring opportunities that produce new innovations for a progressive society. We aspire for better standards in higher education and this research and publication cell exercise is undertaken with the objective of enhancing our thought process and giving our perspective a holistic dimension. This cell is an effort to brain storm ideas, incubate them, till they materialize into concrete realities and further carve out a way for the betterment of society. It provides a forum for scholarly dialogue on a broad range of topics significant to our time and cultures. Its focus is theoretical and inter-disciplinary. As days pass by we move from one stage to another by achieving and acquiring rewards for our academic growth as it is an essential part and parcel of our life. This growth in life is well reflected at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur and this endeavour

  • Rev. Dr. Sherry George, S.J.

    Vice Principal

    St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur

    Research is an enduring field with persistent and focused efforts leading to new discussion and transformation in the academic world. As IMPETUS, a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed annual journal enters the online portals of publication with its new edition I would like to offer a word of thanks to the editorial team for shaping the journal with utmost academic integrity which further ensures that it maintains its place as leading publication in the country. A continuous endeavour of IMPETUS has been to foster research and provide a platform to publish good quality research papers based on empirical or scholarly research work. Peer review remains a vital component of our assessment of submitted articles. Over the next year, we also plan new research initiatives for students and faculty members to make the journal more exciting and useful to our readers. We are now welcoming submissions for future issues of the journal. I look forward to our journey together as an international perspective in IMPETUS is further enhanced and enriched by the geographical spread of the aspiring contributors.

Upcoming Conferences, Seminars & Workshops